SolarEdge SE-GSM-R05-US-S2 Cellular Plug-In for StorEdge Inverters w/ 5 Year Data Plan

SKU: 570-0182

SolarEdge, GSM Modem w/SIM, for StorEdge Only, 7.6 kW inverters, ≤2 batteries, works with T-Mobile, 5 Yr prepaid plan, for use in US Only, Qty. 1, SE-GSM-R05-US-S2, -serialized

The SolarEdge SE-GSM-R05-US-S2 Cellular Modem provides wireless communication between the inverter and the SolarEdge monitoring server. The modem is designed to be installed inside a SolarEdge StorEdge Inverter only and connected to an external antenna, simplifying communication setup and saving installation time. Once installed and commissioned, the modem communicates with SolarEdge's monitoring portal and provides module level monitoring for up to 2 batteries, 60 optimizers and 2 consumption meters without having to rely on an internet connection at the site of installation.

NOTE: Not compatible with non-StorEdge inverters. There are other kits available for non-StorEdge inverters that offer 5 and 12 year plans.

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