SolarEdge SE-CELL-R05-S-S5 Commercial Cellular Plugin w/ 5 Year Data Plan, ≤1000kW

SKU: 570-0238

SolarEdge, GSM Modem w/SIM, for up to 32 Commercial (208 or 480V) Inverters, or up to 1,000kW-AC, 5 Yr Sprint Prepaid Data Plan, for use in US Only, SE-CELL-R05-S-S5-serialized

Wirelessly connects SolarEdge inverters to the internet.

SolarEdge provides GSM Cellular Network Cards that connect a single inverter to the SolarEdge monitoring portal through a cellular network for residential systems that don't have access to the internet. Each inverter in a system with multiple inverters will require one card.

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