SolarEdge P860 860W Optimizer

SKU: 565-0219

SolarEdge, Optimizer 860W, Add-On Box for two 72 cell modules, Dual input, Parallel Connection Isc 11A Each, 12.5-60V MPPT, MC4-Compatible In/Out, Output 2.1m (82.7”), 2 Inputs 0.16m(6.3”) 1000VDC, (Use only with SolarEdge 3-Phase Inverters), P860

With the SolarEdge power optimizer, you can get the most power out of your panels. Installers add this DC/DC converter to each PV module. By continuously monitoring the maximum power point (MPPT) of each module individually, the SolarEdge power optimizers increase energy production from PV systems.

Monitor your performance

The SolarEdge power optimizer tracks each module's performance and sends data to the SolarEdge monitoring portal for more reliable, cost-effective module maintenance. When the inverter or grid power is switched off, each power optimizer has a special SafeDC feature that reduces the array voltage automatically.

Allows flexible installation design

Multiple orientations tilt and module types in the same string will benefit from the MPPT per module. SolarEdge P860 power optimizers are designed to operate with SolarEdge three-phase inverters and automatically maintain a set string voltage, giving installers even more flexibility when designing optimal PV systems with longer strings and strings of varying lengths.

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