SolarEdge HD-Wave SE-EV-KIT-25J40-2 Charging Kit

SKU: 370-0122

SolarEdge, HD-Wave EV and Smart Charger Charging Cable, 40 Amp, Level 2 Electric Vehicle J1772 Charge Connector with 25 feet cable and holder, use with HD-Wave-EV Inverter, SE-EV-KIT-25J40-2

The SolarEdge SE-EV-KIT-25J40-1 HD-Wave EV Charging Cable is an optional adapter for the SolarEdge HD-Wave EV Charging Inverter. It comes with a holder and a 25-foot cable with a cable lock. You'll need to configure the device using the SolarEdge monitoring software with an Ethernet, ZigBee®, or cellular link with a 50MB data plan once the inverter and charging cable have been mounted (should be purchased from a cellular provider).

SolarEdge HD-Wave Charging Kit Warranty

SolarEdge provides a 12-year limited product warranty for their inverters.