SolaDeck SD-0799-5B Flashed Enclosure

SKU: 510-0276


SolaDeck, Flashed Combiner/Wire Entry Box for Comp Roofs, with 8" DIN Rail, 5 Position Ground Busbar, UL, 15.25 X 17.25 X 3” Black, SD-0799-5B

The NEMA 3R rating applies to all SolaDeck weather-tight enclosures. They have a flashed roof penetration that connects the outdoor system wiring to the interior house wiring. To mount fuse holders or terminal blocks, they all have a ground lug and a universal DIN rail. The base riser has dimples to center a punch or drill for entry conduit or fittings, and the base back has five roof-deck knockouts - (3) 12", (1) 34", and (1) 1".

The 0799-5B Photovoltaic Combiner Enclosures are mentioned to UL 1741 and can be used to combine or pass-through wiring of both AC and DC circuits. A professional appearance is provided by the 18 gauge galvanized 90 steel and powder-coated finish.