SolaDeck 0799-MI-2-20 2-Pole 20A Circuit Breaker Kit

SKU: 510-0219


SolaDeck, AC 2 Circuit KIT, with 2 x 20A 2-pole 240VAC breakers, AC Busbar kit, 80A AC Power Block, 2 x 1/2" and 1 x 3/8" 1-hole cord grips, add SolaDeck Model 0760-41AD, 0799-MI-2-20

Basic Features:

  • Every time, it installs quickly, reliably, and consistently.
  • A weather-proof flashed seal covers solar panel wiring.
  • Non-invasive installation prevents roof damage.
  • 2 x 15A 2-pole 240VAC breakers
  • AC Busbar kit
  • 80A AC Power Block
  • 2 x 1/2"and 1 x 3/8" 1-hole cord grips