SimpliPhi SPHI-B-4.9 4.9kWh Lithium Iron Phospate Battery

SKU: 480-0145

SimpliPhi, 4.98 kWh, LFP Battery (Lithium Iron Phosphate), Wall Mountable, with BMS,100A DC Breaker, IP65 with CANBUS Closed-Looped Comms, 10 Yr. Warranty, IP65, SPHI-B-4.9

The SimpliPHI™ 4.9 kWh Battery utilizes advanced Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) chemistry to deliver more efficient, safer and reliable energy storage. Designed and built with versatility in mind, the SimpliPHI 4.9 kWh Battery seamlessly integrates with all leading inverters, making it an ideal solution for battery replacement, expansion of existing systems or as a new installation. This leading-edge power storage solution is also at the core of the Energy Storage System (ESS): the most advanced, safety certified ESS available for homes and businesses.

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