SimpliPhi ESS ET-GWY-10 EnergyTrak Gateway Mobile APP

SKU: 570-2230


SimpliPhi, ESS Energy Trak Gateway, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 1 per System with Outdoor Enclosure, ET-GWY-10

EnergyTrak™ offers advanced system monitoring through a streamlined mobile app that provides real-time status and updates with intelligent control over the entire SimpliPHI Energy Storage System (ESS). EnergyTrak delivers peace-of-mind that your SimpliPHI ESS is supporting the critical energy solution you need it to, whether that is reducing higher-rate time-of-use (TOU) utility charges or providing essential backup power. This smart control system makes installation and setup of the SimpliPHI ESS fast and secure. With easy-to-understand prompts and notifications — as well as local and remote system access — EnergyTrak is the simplest, most accessible interface for energy storage systems.