SimpliPhi BOSS 6 Battery Enclosure

SKU: 450-0106

SimpliPhi, Battery Enclosure, for up to 6 Phi 3.8 LFP batteries, with Shelves and 2 4/0 X 96” Cables, w/o Buss Bars, BOSS.6

You will increase your energy storage by 22.8 kWh with the BOSS.6! Carbon steel makes up this NEMA 3R-rated weather-resistant battery bank housing and wiring solution with built-in shelving. This free-standing or pad-mounted enclosure can accommodate up to 6 PHI batteries.

SimpliPhi Power's BOSS.6 carbon-steel enclosure is a weatherproof battery bank housing and wiring solution with integrated shelving. The BOSS combines a PHI battery bank with any SimpliPhi-compatible balance of system (BoS) equipment to increase the battery capacity of a SimpliPhi ExprESS or AccESS fully integrated unit. They include terminal blocks for parallel electrical wiring, battery cabling from busbar to terminal block, and terminal block to inverter cabling when ordered. Optional 2 and 3 place battery-to-battery interconnecting busbar sets can be ordered separately depending on the number of batteries in the enclosure.


  • NEMA 3R-rated and weather-resistant carbon steel enclosures are easy to install and assemble.
  • Due to a corrosion-resistant fan, PHI batteries cannot reach the optimum charging temperature of 120°F.
  • Alternative solutions outperform cobalt-free, stable, and non-toxic PHI batteries.

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