SimpliPhi AccESS A-6PHI-SA-12 12.0kW Energy Storage System (22.8kWh Capacity) with Sol-Ark SA-12K

SKU: 349-0060

SimpliPhi, AccESS 22.8 with Sol-Ark 12kW AC/DC Coupled, 208/240Vac, 6 Phi 3.8, LFP Batteries (Lithium Iron Phosphate), Integrated Charge Controller, 3R Enclosure, UL-1973, UL-1741-SA, A-6PHI-SA-12

The SimpliPhi AccESS A-6PHI-SA-12 is a 22.8 kWh fully integrated energy storage and management solution with SOL-ARK SA-12K hybrid inverter for on-grid or off-grid power. Energize and protect your home or business from power outages and lower your utility bills with this safe, simple, reliable and practical energy storage system. The SimpliPhi AccESS system includes all the equipment you need in one enclosure: (x6) 3.8kWh 48V PHI LFP (Lithium Ferro Phosphate) batteries with a built-in Sol-Ark hybrid inverter (SA-12K). The SimpliPhi AccESS can be used on- or off-grid and integrates seamlessly with new or existing solar installations.

The SimpliPhi AccESS stores electricity from solar, wind, diesel/gas generators, the grid or any combination. Programmable for time-of-use, peak-shaving, self-consumption, and back-up power. The system features an internal transfer switch that automatically disconnects from the grid during power outages and provides standby power for critical circuits. 

The Optics RE monitoring and control system allows the owner to view real-time status with hands-on control, as well as track and manage individual system performance or a network of dispersed systems from any internet connected device, from anywhere in the world. It also will provide the owner with email notifications and alerts on the system performance and health. Simple and safe, the system requires no maintenance, thermal monitoring, cooling, fire suppression, or ventilation equipment. 

For additional energy storage, the SimpliPhi AccESS is scalable to meet any energy requirement by connecting additional enclosures. Designed and manufactured in the USA, and backed by a 2-year materials and workmanship warranty and 10-year battery warranty for peace of mind. Environmentally friendly and ETL Certified to UL 1973 Standard.

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