Schneider Conext XW 865-1025-01 Conduit Box

SKU: 341-0111


Schneider Electric, CONEXT XW+ CONDUIT BOX, 865-1025-01

End users are protected from inadvertent interference with wiring or connections by the XW+ Conduit Box, which attaches directly to the bottom of an inverter/charger. It is sold as a set with the XW+ Power Distribution Panel and the XW+ Connection Kit, but it is also available separately for systems with more than two inverters or for retrofitting inverters into existing systems with AC/DC disconnects.

Two screws on the bottom of the inverter are used to protect the conduit package. The conduit box's bottom flange can then be fixed to the wall. By removing the two screws on the front of the conduit box, the front panel can be removed, leaving enough room to make all required wire connections.

The sides of adjacent conduit boxes can be removed in multi-unit installations to create an efficient raceway with plenty of volume for running AC and DC inverter cabling. Multiple cable strap points are included in the conduit package, making the final installation look neat and professional. A sheet metal shield is also used on the inside to keep communications wires apart from AC and DC power wires.