Satic SaticShield PPSD, SD Super Duty Power Perfect Box

SKU: 577-0249


SATIC, SaticShield Power Perfect Box, Single/Split Phase Electricity Conditioner by Filtering EMF (ElectroMagnetic Field) Radiation, Filtering Harmonics, Phase Correction, Voltage Regulation and Surge Protection, NEMA 4X, ES1PPN + ES1PP, PPSD, SD

Satic’s Power Perfect Energy Management System comes in three sizes and is its flagship product for filtering and conditioning your power to provide clean energy to home or business. Wired-In at the electrical distribution panel, it provides robust surge protection, voltage regulation, line conditioning, EMF reduction, harmonics filtration, energy savings through reduced energy consumption and equipment longevity due to cleaner, more efficient power.

Whole-home Energy Management System. Installs at breaker panel (licensed electrician required). For homes less than 2500 sq. ft. Features & Benefits: Surge protection, line conditioning, EMF reduction, voltage regulation, negative harmonics reduction, reduced electrical consumption, equipment longevity, energy savings. Ratings: 240 V, 15 A, 3600 W, 50/60 Hz.

Every Satic Power Perfect wire-in filter is manufactured in the USA with meticulous build quality, guaranteed performance and warranty.