SMA Sunny Tripower X STP 25-US-50 25.0kW 3-Ph Inverter

SKU: 330-0002

SMA, Sunny Tripower-X, 3-Phase Grid Tied Inverter, 25kW, 277/480VAC, 50/60Hz, Integrated DC Disconnect, 3 MPPT Input, (2 Strings each), Amphenol H-4 Plus Connectors, 10 Yr Warr, Transformerless, AFCI, Built in Ethernet/WLAN, SunSpec Compliant, STP 25-US-50, 03-25-1000-2-50

The Sunny Tripower X is the latest in commercial solar energy generation and the new centerpiece of the proven SMA Energy System Business. Building on 40 years of experience in photovoltaics, Sunny Tripower X opens new opportunities for maximizing returns from solar power now and in the future. With its integrated System Manager, the Sunny Tripower X can ensure that small and medium-sized businesses are ideally prepared to maximize savings from current and future distributed energy generation and storage capabilities.

The latest technology backed by SMA’s high standard of service enables comprehensive, cost-effective and carbon-neutral energy generation that will protect businesses from the effects of rising energy prices. The modular system allows for customized usage as well as seamless integration into the overall system, optimized to suit future energy management.

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