SMA Sunny Tripower STP12000TL-US-10 12.0kW 3-Ph Inverter

SKU: 330-0460

SMA, Sunny Tripower 12000TL INVERTER ONLY, Grid tied inverter, 3-Ph, 12kW, 277/480VAC, 60Hz, 600/1000VDC, with installed SWDM-US-10, (Use with DC Disconnect: CU 1000-US-11, #580-0132), STP12000TL-US-10

For UL-certified inverters, the Sunny Boy 3000TL-US represents the next step in efficiency. Since it is transformer-free, it has high efficiency and is light in weight. Broad input voltage and operating temperature ranges result in maximum power output. The shade is mitigated by several MPP trackers and OptiTrac Global Peak, enabling installation at difficult locations. In the event of a grid failure, the Emergency Power Supply feature provides daytime power. The Sunny Boy TL-US series is the first option among solar professionals due to its high performance, flexible nature, and creative features.

SMA provides five three-phase commercial inverter models ranging in power from 12 to 30 kW. Both inverters are wired to a three-phase 480 VAC power supply. The detachable CU1000-US-10 DC link unit has fuses for both MPPT inputs and allows the inverter to be easily swapped out for servicing. Both tripower inverters have a built-in DC AFCI.

MPPT Circuits and a broad MPPT operating voltage range, when combined with a low startup voltage, resulting in extremely high efficiencies. They can be set up to operate with either 600 DC or 1,000 VDC systems. The Tripower inverters can be installed next to the array on the roof. This eliminates the need for additional components to meet the NEC 2014 rapid shutdown specifications. On flat commercial rooftops, the optional SMA ReadyRack™ simplifies the installation of the inverter, combiner, disconnects, and cabling. The ReadyRack must be purchased at the same time as the Tripower inverter and CU1000 combiner/disconnect, and all of these products are shipped fully assembled to the job site.

Since these inverters come preinstalled with the SMA Speedwire Card, monitoring through the free SMA Sunny Portal is simple to set up. A plant of up to four inverters can be daisy-chained together and viewed. The optional SMA Cluster Controller can be attached to larger installations for plant-level monitoring of up to 75 SMA inverters and Modbus protocol communication with third-party devices. The cluster controller allows for remote monitoring and reporting of multiple inverters at the plant level, as well as remote reactive power changes and, if necessary, remote shutdown of the PV plant.

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