SMA Sunny Island SI6048-US-10 5.8kW Battery-Based Inverter

SKU: 311-0040

SMA, Sunny Island 6048 battery inverter, 5750W, 120VAC, 60Hz, 56A Transfer, 48VDC, Sinewave, 100A Charger, 10 Yr Warr, with BTS, SI6048-US-10

The new SMA Sunny Island 4548-US and 6048-US inverters are based on the Sunny Island 5048-US's proven off-grid technology, but with a 20% increase in power production. Peak output is assured by a maximum efficiency of 96 percent, resulting in lower diesel consumption in rural areas. Simplified system preparation is made possible by more flexible sizing. Up to 12 Sunny Islands can be built into off-grid power systems up to 100 kW in size using multicluster technology.

Sunny Island inverters are bi-directional battery-based inverter/chargers that can be used fully off-grid or as a battery backup in grid-tie systems using charge controllers or grid-tie inverters with AC coupling. Just 120 VAC sine-wave output capacity is included in Sunny Island. For 120/240 VAC input and output, two or four Sunny Island inverters can be stacked. Three Sunny Islands can also be stacked for a three-phase input and output of 120/208 VAC. They have a 100 A battery charger and a battery disconnect, as well as low idle losses. Battery control is supported by state-of-charge metering, which ensures full battery life.

The Sunny Island can be used with any normal PWM or MPPT charge control in off-grid systems, but it can only communicate with the MidNite Classic through the MNSICOMM package. It can also be used in an AC-coupled configuration with the US-40 Sunny Boy inverters if the Sunny Boy inverter is set to off-grid mode. The frequency shift algorithm will trigger the Sunny Boy inverter to reduce power output to avoid overcharging the battery. To provide backup and battery charging, a generator can be connected to Sunny Island's AC input.

The new US-40 Sunny Boy inverters do not have RS485 capability for grid-tied systems, so they cannot communicate with Sunny Island to adjust grid-tie parameters to off-grid. In a grid-tied backup device, this means that frequency shift would not be able to regulate battery charge. The Sunny Island's frequency change would operate with the newer Sunny Boy inverter in the same way as any other grid-tie inverter does, allowing it to turn on and off as the batteries charge. The US-40 Sunny Boy inverters can be set for off-grid use independently of Sunny Island and will operate with the frequency shift algorithm in an off-grid-only system.


  • Efficient & Simple - 96 % productivity maximum. 94.5 percent CEC quality. Calculation of the charge level Battery management is wise. The "Fast Configuration Guide" makes commissioning easy. Off-grid control in its entirety. Ideal for grid-connected battery backup.
  • Flexible - Sunny Island networks ranging from 2 to 100 kW. Single-phase, 120/240 split-phase, and three-phase operations are available, all of which can be connected in parallel and expanded modularly.
  • Durable - Extremely high overload ability. OptiCool is an active temperature control device. The standard warranty is five years.

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