SMA Sunny Boy SB3.0-1SP-US-41 3.0kW 1-Ph Inverter

SKU: 310-0608


SMA, Sunny Boy SB-3.0-US 1-Ph Grid Tied Inverter, 3000W, 208/240VAC, 60Hz, integrated DC Discon, 2 MPPT Input, 10 Yr Warr, Transformerless, Arc-Fault Protection, Built in Ethernet/WLAN, SunSpec RSD compliant, SB3.0-1SP-US-41

The residential PV market is rapidly evolving, and we recognize that your bottom line is more important than ever. As a result, we've developed a superior residential solution that will help you save money at every level of your business model.

It's simple and fast to comply with California Rule 21. For configuration files, go to the Downloads page.

The Sunny Boy-US series adds a slew of new features to SMA's lineup of field-proven solar technology backed by the world's best service team. When the grid goes down and the sun shines, the world's first Secure Power Supply now provides up to 2,000 W of opportunity power. Thanks to SMA's Installation Assistant, direct access via mobile, and integrated DC disconnect, the installation has never been easier.

Hundreds of stringing configurations are possible with the Sunny Boy's various independent input channels, each with SMA's OptiTrac™ Global Peak, allowing for versatile device design while addressing the challenges of complex roofs and shading. SMA's new Smart Connected technology adds to the efficiencies by simplifying operation, reducing expensive truck rolls, and assisting installers in delivering outstanding customer service.


  • Value-Added Improvements - SMA's MLPE Power+ Solution provides superior integration. The world's first stable power supply now has a maximum capacity of 2000W. For any sector, full grid management capabilities guarantee a utility-compliant solution.
  • Unmatched Flexibility - The new Installation Assistant, which can be accessed directly from your smartphone, helps you save time in the field. Setup and commissioning are 50 % quicker due to an improved communication interface with fewer components.
  • Reduced Labor and Trouble-Free Service - The new Installation Assistant, who can be accessed directly from your smartphone, help you save time in the field. Setup and commissioning are 50 percent quicker due to an improved collaboration interface with fewer components. The two-part enclosure design allows for quick and easy service. SMA Smart Connected, a constructive service solution built into Sunny Portal, is included.