SMA Speedwire SWPB-US-10 Communication Adapter

SKU: 570-1064


SMA, Speedwire Webconnect piggyback, plug-in for-10, -11, -12 inverters, SWPB-US-10

The Speedwire/Webconnect Piggy-Back is a Speedwire communication interface for inverters that also has an SMA Webconnect feature. Sunny Boy 3000-8000US and SB6000TL-11000TLUS inverters from SMA are compatible. Speedwire is a form of wire-based communication based on the Ethernet standard and the SMA Data2+ communication protocol. This enables 10/100 Mbit data transmission between Speedwire devices in PV plants that are designed for inverters.

The Webconnect feature allows direct data transmission between a small-scale plant's inverters and the Sunny Portal Internet portal, without the need for an external communication system, for up to four inverters per Sunny Portal plant. Each inverter must have a Speedwire/Webconnect Piggy-Back mounted for this. Any computer with an Internet connection can access your Sunny Portal plant.