SMA BYD STOR-102-BY-US-10 10.2kWh Lithium Iron Phospate Battery

SKU: 480-0020


SMA, BYD Battery-Box-H10, 10.24kWh LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) with BCU, (Battery Control Unit), STOR-102-BY-US-10

BYD brings a wealth of expertise and innovations to the residential ESS market as the world's largest EV producer. The BYD Battery Box is already set up to operate with the SMA Sunny Boy Storage. The H 10.0 Battery has plenty of power to bring to your next install, thanks to its flexible and compact nature and cable-free architecture. This battery stack comprises four 2.5kWH modules, totaling 10.24 available kWh and a peak power output of 14.34KW for a 10-second cycle. The pack's nominal voltage is 409 VDC, with an operating range of 320-451 VDC. Indoor and outdoor rated, with CANBUS protocol communications to SMA Sunny Boy Storage inverters. Certified to UL1642, UL1973, and UN38.3 for a 10-year warranty.