SMA 476-00252-00 Safety Module

SKU: 565-0214


SMA, TS4-R-S, Safety Module, Monitoring & RSD, Add-on-Module for 1 PV Module, Max 90Voc, 12A, 1.0m MC-4 cable, 15A Fuse, 1000V, NEC RSD Compliant when used with, Cloud Connect & Gateway, 476-00252-00

The TS4-R module technology is a low-cost device that can be integrated into any PV module design, making it ideal for any application. Just fit the modules affected by partial shading or performance loss with TS4-R to ensure maximum energy yields and configuration flexibility. Tool-free installation and selective deployment save time and reduce risk while allowing for easy updates at any time. Maximum energy yields, system stability, and low maintenance costs are all guaranteed with TSR-4. TS4-R is the ultimate solution for shading, shutdown, various module configurations, and other problems.

TS4-R Progressive Functionality

The TS4-R platform includes integrated control electronics that perform a number of tasks. With each device, the functionality improves.

The Monitoring feature allows for module-level monitoring of the entire PV system. Individual module faults, such as those caused by soil, are shown and can be easily corrected. The Shutdown feature allows you to turn off your PV system at the module stage. The PV system's power can be increased using the Optimization feature, even in partial shade or with different module configurations.


  • System Optimization - Partial shading and various module configurations increased yields. Shutdown at the module stage. Monitoring at the module stage.

Ultimate Flexibility & Reliability - Selective Deployment of DC optimizers as needed. All standard modules are compatible. Less parts mean lower running and maintenance costs. Due to the demand-specific bypass operation, the service life is extended. For the entire system, a comprehensive SMA service is available.

  • Fast Installation - Since there are fewer parts, installation takes less time. Roof time is reduced due to the ease of installation on the field.