S-5! S-5-N Mini 1.5 Metal Roof Clamp

SKU: 260-0779

S-5!, Clamp, Size N, Mini, fits 1.5" nail strip metal roof profiles including triangle type profiles, S-5-N Mini 1.5

The S-5-N 1.5 Mini is a smaller variant of the S-5-N 1.5, with just one setscrew instead of two. The mini is ideal for mounting signage, walkways, satellite dishes, antennas, rooftop lighting, lightning safety systems, solar arrays, exhaust stack bracing, conduit, condensate lines, mechanical equipment, and just about everything else!*

*S-5! S-5 is not compatible with mini clamps, and they should not be used with it! Snow retention mechanisms such as SnoRail/SnoFence or ColorGard.

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S-5! Clamp Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Metal Roof Innovations, Ltd (MRIL) warrants that all S-5! products manufactured by it and bearing its name are free from defects in material and workmanship on the date of first sale and FOR THE LIFE OF THE ROOF. The sole and exclusive remedy for breach of this warranty is repair or replacement of the S-5! manufactured product which is defective.