S-5! S-5-K Grip Metal Roof Clamp

SKU: 260-0740

S-5!, Clamp, Size K Grip, fits KlipRib and other bulb snap-together seams, requires insert sold separately, S-5-K Grip

The Klip-Rib and other bulb snap-together seams were designed specifically for the S-5-K Grip clamp. Multiple inserts (sold separately) are included in the design to accommodate a range of bulb snap-together profiles. Each insert has a unique shape that ensures a secure fit and greater holding strength than other attachment choices.

ColorGard Snow Retention System is not compatible with this product. Please see S-5-K Grip Snow for use with ColorGard.

The S-5-K Grip Snow clamp was specifically developed to attach ColorGard snow retention system to Klip-Rib and other bulb snap-together seams. The design utilizes multiple inserts (sold separately) in order to accommodate a variety of bulb snap-together profiles. Each insert has a unique shape that allows for a tight fit and provides increased holding strength over other attachment options. The off-centered bolt hole is perfectly positioned to be used in combination with our industry-renowned ColorGard Snow Retention System. INSERT OPTIONS: GX-10 LYSAGHT KLIP-LOK® 406 McElroy Metal Mirage AEP Span Klip-Rib® Metal Sales Clip-Loc SpeedDeck® SpeedDeck® Safintra Saflok 410 Safintra Saflok 700 Domico Dach® And other similar profiles GX-50 LYSAGHT KLIP-LOK Classic® 700 LYSAGHT KLIP-LOK 700 Hi-Strength® Stramit® Speed Deck Ultra® Fielders KingKlip® 700 And other similar profiles Are you installing solar, satellite dishes or other less demanding products? The S-5-K Grip mini clamp might be a better option. Each S-5-K Grip includes one insert (of your choice) two set screws and one M48 hex bolt. all hardware is stainless steel.

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S-5! Clamp Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Metal Roof Innovations, Ltd (MRIL) warrants that all S-5! products manufactured by it and bearing its name are free from defects in material and workmanship on the date of first sale and FOR THE LIFE OF THE ROOF. The sole and exclusive remedy for breach of this warranty is repair or replacement of the S-5! manufactured product which is defective.