QuickBolt 17612 Height Adjustable Roof Hook for Side Mount Rails

SKU: 270-0166


QuickBolt, Stone Coated Steel Roof Hook, Side Mount Rails, 5mm thickness, 63.5mm Batten Bridge, 32-48mm Batten Height Adjustment, 10 x 38mm rail attachment slot, includes (2) 5/16 x 3" SS screws, Qty. 1, 17612

90° Stone Coated Steel Roof Hook, 18mm Height Adjust Range, Kit with 5/16" X 3" Screws 20/Carton Wgt = 24.00 Lbs

The hook's adjustability helps the installer to mount it over old roof remnants. The batten bridge is 63.5mm wide and has a 9mm x 40mm slot. 5/16" or 3/8" bolts can be used in the 10mm x 38mm rail Slot. In the 9mm holes, use our 1/4" or 5/16" Solar Screws.