QuickBolt 17600(1) All Tile Roof Hook, Bottom Mount Rails

SKU: 270-0878

QuickBolt, All Tile Roof Hook, Bottom Mount Rails, for flat and Spanish tile, 6mm thickness, 9mm adjustable height, 140 mm wide base, 9mm x 18 mm mounting screw slots, 10mm x 38mm rail attachment slot, includes (2) 5/16 x 3" SS screws, Qty. 1, 17600(1)

With an adjustable height length of 9mm, the 180 degree All Tile Roof Hook is ideal for side mount rails on Spanish tile and flat tile roofs. The foundation also has three leverage adjustment points, giving the installer more versatility when mounting to the roof. 5/16" or 3/8" bolts can be used in the 10mm x 38mm rail attachment slot. In the 9mm mounting screw holes, use our #14 or 5/16" Solar Mounting Screws.

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