QuickBolt 17510 Curved Tile Hook Side Mount

SKU: 270-1077

QuickBolt,Curved Tile Roof Hook, Side Mount Rails, 5mm thickness fixed height, 180 mmwide base, 7.5mm x 37 mm mounting screw slots, 10mm x 46mm rail attachmentslot, includes (2) 1/4 x 3" SS screws, Qty. 1, 17510

Installers today can work on a wider variety of roofs than ever before with QuickBOLT’s extensive line of Curved Tile Roof Mounts. Our adjustable mounts have multiple leverage points and base widths to overcome inconveniently located rafters. At QuickBOLT, we take pride in being able to provide such a versatile line of mounting solutions for curved tile roofs, the most popular roofing style in our home state of California

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