Quick Mount PV QRail QMR-ISL-A-15 Mill Splice Bar

SKU: 211-0039

QuickMount, QMR, Q-Splice Internal for Light Rail, Mill Finish, Qty. 1, QMR-ISL-A-15

QRail's internal QSplice installs flush in seconds without the use of tools or screws. Simply slide the other rail on top of the QSplice to create a completely structural, bonded splice.

QRail is a sturdy and flexible PV mounting device for low and steep-sloped roofs. The system consists of aluminum module support rails and includes all required components for connecting the rails, attaching the rails to the roof, and attaching the modules to the rails, as well as other accessories such as module-level power electronic (MLPE) attachments. Modules can be installed in portrait or landscape orientation, and the device can also be designed for Shared Rail configuration in either orientation. It can hold the majority of framed modules. The QRail system has bonding built right in.

Quick Mount PV QRail Splice Bar Warranty

25-year limited product warranty.