Quick Mount PV QMSE-LAG-A-12 Mill E-Mount Flashing

SKU: 210-1010

QuickMount, Flashing, E-Mount, 9" x 12", with Lag bolt, Mill Finish, QBLOCK, Qty. 1, QMSE-LAG-A-12

  • On composition/asphalt shingle roofs, E-Mount Lag uses the proprietary QBlock Elevated Water Seal technology to provide superior waterproofing. E-Mount Lag, which costs a little more than regular roof mounts, allows Fast Mount PV output to be delivered even on budget-conscious projects. It's backed by strong engineering, and the ICC-ES has accredited it for strength and waterproofing (ICC-ESR-3744). For a fast, single-bolt installation, all stainless steel hardware is included. Limited product warranty of 20 years.
  • FeaturesHighlights - Elevated Water Seal is a proprietary product. Hardware is made of stainless steel (included). 9" x 12" all-aluminum flashing The roof manufacturer's warranty will not be voided. The warranty is for 20 years, with a 50-year life expectancy. Meets or exceeds industry best practices in the roofing industry. The commodity is available from a range of reputable distributors. Certified by the ICC-ES. All leading racks are compatible. Installation is fast and easy with just one bolt. There will be no shingle cutting. IBC-compliant to a tee. Patent numbers 7,762,027 and 7,895,808 are both issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Made in the USA.

Quick Mount PV Flashing Warranty

25-year limited product warranty.