Quick Mount PV QMLSH-9-A-12 Mill Low Slope Roof Mounting Bracket

SKU: 211-0373

QuickMount, Mounts for Low Slope Roofs -no flashing, 8 1/2" post + 1/2" base, Mill Finish, Q-Base, Qty. 1, QMLSH-9-A-12

Mount in a moment The QBase Low Slope Mount from PV elevates the conventional base-and-post PV mount to new heights. It's the most robust choice for mechanically connecting commercial solar systems to TPO, PVC, EPDM, built-up asphalt, and virtually all other non-metal low-slope roofs (also known as 'flat roofs') in commercial roofing.


  • Safety - Patents are in the works. IBC-compliant to a tee. Meets or exceeds industry best practices in the roofing industry. QBase is the most powerful mechanical mount available off the shelf.
  • Efficiency - Excellent for solar water heating. Both hardware and fasteners are included. 2 or 4 fasteners attach it to the roof. Three post heights include 7", 9", and 12" clearance from the deck, respectively. Stainless steel 18-8 is used for all exposed hardware.
  • User Friendly - All leading racks are compatible. The product is available from a number of reputable distributors. The warranty is for ten years, and the estimated life is 50 years. Both non-metal low slope roofs are code compliant.

Quick Mount PV Mounting Bracket Warranty

25-year limited product warranty.