Quick Mount PV QBox QMQB-J1-B-10 Junction Box

SKU: 510-0258

QuickMount, Q-Box, Flashed Junction Box, 5.5 X 5.75” Polycarbonate Box, 12 X 12” Aluminum Flashing, For Comp Roofs, Bronze Finish, Qty. 1, QMQB-J1-B-10

The QBox is a flashed junction box with Fast Mount PV's proprietary Elevated Water Seal Technology, which allows the conduit to move through the box enclosure to the attic in a waterproof manner. Fasteners, fittings, and wire nuts are all made of stainless steel in each QBox. The QBox includes a waterproof attic pass-through as well as waterproof wire nuts for transitioning or combining two-conductor strings. The box is made of non-conductive polymer, with aluminum flashing added at the plant. Using the QBox to ensure that any single junction point or pass through on the roof complies with all IBC specifications and meets or exceeds industry best practices.

Highlights - Patented Elevated Water Seal Technology® 12"x12" anodized aluminum flashing The non-conductive enclosure measures 5.5" x 5.75" and removes the need for a ground box or door. Waterproof conduit pass-through from QBox enclosure to the attic. Polycarbonate is a weather-resistant and long-lasting material. The use of a drill starter around the enclosure ensures that the hole position for the conduit connection is ideal. A single string, two parallel strings, or two mixed strings may all be used as transitions. The product comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

Quick Mount PV QBox Junction Box Warranty

25-year limited product warranty.