Pytes 05-024527-11 (10402100129) 5.12kWh 100Ah 51.2V Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Pack

SKU: 480-2002

Pytes, E-Box-48100R, 5.12kWh/5.12V LFP Battery Pack, Includes Battery to Inverter Cables, Comm and Earth Cables and Wall Mount, UL9540, 10 year Warranty, 05-024527-11, 110402100129

E-BOX series, the new generation LFP battery for home energy storage system. It provides safe, well-designed and high-performance standard LFP battery pack for you. The battery pack is compact, easy to install, free of maintenance, and could be deployed to the building block of energy storage system by being assembled in parallel. It is widely applied in home applications, small commercial and industrial energy storage system as well as Telecom stations.

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