ProSolar TileTrac TT-1-T6-SF 6" Curved Tile Flashing

SKU: 211-0477


ProSolar, TileTrac 6", with hardware and Stainless Steel flashing for Curved Tile Roof, with subflashing, Qty. 1, TT-1-T6-SF

The proprietary TT-1-T6-SF TileTrac® attachment system maintains complete stud position adjustability while providing a structural link to a roof rafter via the strongest region of the tile (crown) where water does not flow. This design is the most effective at maintaining a tight water seal and allows the installer to move the rail attachment to the most convenient mounting spot.


  • Over 15 years of industry experience has shown that the single lag bolt (included) configuration is the best.
  • Stainless steel tile flashing (above tile) and black aluminum subflashing are also included (below tile).
  • For optimum corrosion resistance and strength, exposed aluminum and stainless steel components are used.
  • Because of the compression seal at the underlayment and top of the tile, a third-party lab measured 1,740 lbs. of pull-out strength and waterproof capacity.
  • The roof load is uniformly distributed with a 10 square inch foundation.
  • Installation time and labor costs are minimized since only one tile must be removed.
  • Aesthetically pleasing low roof profile design.
  • Also available in a 4" stud for Flat tile.