ProSolar TileTrac TT-1-T4-SF Flat Tile Flashing

SKU: 211-0478


ProSolar, TileTrac 4", with hardware and Stainless Steel flashing for Flat Tile Roof, with subflashing, Qty. 1, TT-1-T4-SF

For over 15 years, the TileTrac has been the industry's favorite tile attachment due to its cost-effective nature and watertight seal. Instead of taking out the roof tile, the TileTrac allows for attachment installation with only a small hole drilled. Its production of stainless steel and aluminum guarantees long-term reliability and dependability.


  • Highlights - Patent #5,746,091 is the solar industry's most common roof attachment. S-Curve tile has a 6” stud, while Flat tile has a 4” stud. Stainless steel flashing (above tile), black aluminum sub-flashing (below tile), stainless steel lag bolt, and hardware are included in this kit. The single lag bolt design connects the roof rafter structurally while allowing the rail connection stud to be placed at the tile's strongest location (the crown area). Independently laboratory-measured to a cumulative pullout load of 1,100 lbs and a side lateral load of 4,500 lbs. Non-ProSolarRoofTrac rail systems are not compatible. This product should not be used with clay or slate tile.