ProSolar SolarWedge SW10A-1 Tilted Racking System

SKU: 211-0236


ProSolar, SolarWedge, 10 Degrees, with 1 ea 5" lower & 12" upper post, Qty. 1, SW10A-1

By structurally connecting to roof rafters, the SolarWedge® tilted racking system guarantees seismic protection in residential and commercial flat roof projects.


  • Patented self-bonding device for flat roof designs.
  • Each system was designed and load tested to a maximum of 30 lb/sq. ft. (equivalent to 110 mph winds according to the 2016 CBC / 2015 IBC / ASCE 7-10)
  • RoofTrac® Rail is 2-1/2" wide and stretches up to 6 feet in the center.
  • RoofTrac® Rail is 3" wide and spans up to 8 feet in the center.
  • Form 1 and 2 Modules are fire-rated to Class A.
  • RoofTrac® Rail Clamping Technology and ChemLinkTM E-CurbTM easy sealant device are both UL2703 listed.