ProSolar RoofTrac C1968EC-1-G Clear End Clamp, 49.9-50.4mm

SKU: 260-0812


ProSolar, End Clamp, 1.963"-1.988" (49.9mm-50.4mm), Includes (1) non-bonding Channel Nut and hardware, Clear, Qty. 1, C1968EC-1-G

A pre-assembled mid clamp (shown above) attaches the module frame to the RoofTrac Rail via a stainless steel bus bar and channel nut.


Clear or black anodized options are available. End clamps (bottom) are precision mounted to the module frame for strength and protection. There is no need to apply anti-seize compounds to threads, minimizing installation time and the chance of device failure due to improper application. Channel Nut, 1-1/2" As compared to competitor t-bolt designs, it provides a minimum of 10x rail grip. Clamps that are compatible with impact guns allow for easy installation. Stainless steel 5/16" bolt vs. 1/4" bolts from rivals. Accepts a torque of 15 ft-lb. End clamps and microinverters/power optimizers use a non-bus bar channel nut. RoofTrac Rail Spreader slides into all RoofTrac rail sizes from the end of the rail or from the top of the rail. Bonding Technology with a Patent Pending.