ProSolar FastJack A-FJT-1 Clear Bracket

SKU: 270-0004


ProSolar, FastJack 2X Bracket, Clear, Qty. 1, A-FJT-1

The FastJack 2x Bracket is a link "splice" that lets you install two support rails on a single FastJack. This bracket reduces the number of FastJacks needed by 25%. Only for roofs with a sloped top. Please keep in mind that a typical row of connections can only be used by two rows at a time. The gap between support rails should not be more than 48 inches.


  • Highlights - Allows a single FastJack or TileTrac connection to support two rails. Since there are less attachments, it decreases attachment assembly and sealing labor by 25%. Used to maintain 48" support rail spacing between two rows of panels.