ProSolar CFJE-LEVEL Leveling Kit Assembly

SKU: 210-0041


ProSolar, Leveling Kit Assembly for FJ Commercial E-Series, Provides 1/2" to 1 1/2" of height adjustability, Qty. 1, CFJE -LEVEL

The hidden hardware on the support rail can be modified. Aesthetics are important, especially when raising the elevation of the support rail. There are no bulky brackets or hardware visible, only a nut and washer, for a clean and professional look. Anti-corrosion stainless steel hardware guarantees the system's aesthetics.


  • Took care of a 1" gap in roof height (+1/2" to +1-1/2")
  • Used with Commercial FastJackĀ® E-Series attachment
  • To help prevent corrosion (rust) and preserve strength, the construction is made of stainless steel.