ProSolar C200IMC-1-G Clear Mid Clamp, 30.7-32mm

SKU: 260-0814


ProSolar, Mid Clamp, 1.175 – 1.3" (29.9mm to 32mm), Includes (1) Channel Nut with grounding buss bar, lock washer and hardware, Clear, Qty. 1, C200IMC-1-G

To secure the module frame to the RoofTrac support rail, the clamping system uses end and mid clamps. The structural properties of the aluminum channel are modified by this fully integrated clamping system, making it considerably stronger. Solar modules can be mounted with a lower profile on the roof, resulting in a more aesthetically appealing installation. Module clamps are planned, extruded, and engineered specifically for each module frame. Their ingenious clamping mechanism secures the laminate in the frame by applying inward tension to the module frame. The end nuts and mid clamps are kept in place with ease by channel clamps.


  • Highlights - Typically used on a sloped roof in a home. For residential flat roofs, the RoofTrac Tilt Kit or SolarWedge is used. To ensure safety and efficiency, each system was engineered and load tested to 50 lb/sq. ft., equal to 125 mph winds per 2007 CBC / 2006 IBC. Spans 4' on center with 1-1/2" tall RoofTrac rail and 6' on center with 2-1/2" tall RoofTrac rail. Installer favorite style for the past ten years
  • The most cost-effective and simple rail mounting system available. Components made of aluminum and stainless steel for corrosion resistance and strength. A sleek, low-profile style for a professional appearance. Designed to work with the FastJack or TileTrac attachments from ProSolar.