Pika CT301 Current Transformer

SKU: 570-0160


Pika, Current Transformer (CT) Kit, 300A, 3Phase, Required for Self-Supply, and Zero-Export Modes, RJ45 Connector, Qty. 1 CT, (3 required for 3 Phase), CT301

Current Transformers (CTs) expand the capacity and functionality of your Pika Energy Island by providing time-of-use control, zero-export capability, and local consumption data. Since acquiring CTs from third parties can be difficult, Pika now offers the CT Kit. Adding CTs is now easier than ever. This all-in-one kit contains all you'll need to improve the capabilities of your Pika Energy Island.

Kit Contents:

  • 2x current transformers
  • 1x RJ45 adapter

Two clamp-type current transducers sized for standard 200A services are included with the CT Kit. The included RJ45 connector makes wire runs and leads extensions convenient.