Panasonic HIT VBHN340SA17 340W Black on White 96 Cell HIT Mono Solar Panel

SKU: 110-1203

Panasonic, 340W PV Module, MC4, PV Wire, 40mm Black Frame on White Backsheet, BOW, 96 cell HIT+, 15A Fuse, 600VDC, 321.3 PTC, VBHN340SA17

Panasonic has re-established its status as a leading solar module manufacturer with the new VBHN325SA17. Panasonic uses high-quality materials and skilled production methods. A vertically integrated factory allows for thorough quality checks at any stage of the manufacturing process. JET has IEC certification for the modules that result. Panasonic's HIT photovoltaic modules have a unique hetero-junction cell structure that combines mono-crystalline and amorphous silicon layers. Electron recombination is prevented by ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers, which reduce carrier loss to a bare minimum. As a result, the HIT conversion efficiency scores are among the best currently available.

As compared to traditional 60-cell panels, N330 and N325 HIT generate up to 36% more free electricity by using 96 cells in the same size footprint.


  • Efficiency & Reliability - Carrier recombination loss, optical absorption loss, and resistance loss are all covered. The electrical loss between the cell fingers and tabs is being decreased. To increase the light-receiving surface, make the tab width thinner. HIT Power solar panels are the most effective at converting sunlight into electricity. Get the most power possible in a limited amount of room. Spend less time installing per watt and save money by using fewer device attachments and racking materials. HIT Power solar panels produce 10% or more electricity (kWh) as temperatures rise than traditional crystalline silicon solar panels at the same temperature.
  • Power & Technology - Reducing incoming light reflection and scattering. Increasing the amount of electricity produced in the morning and evening. Cellular Efficiency is 19.7%. 21.76 percent module performance The frame is black. HIT Power panels' power ratings ensure that consumers receive 100% of the nameplate rated power (or more) at the time of purchase, allowing owners to produce more kWh per rated watt, accelerate investment returns, and ensure total customer satisfaction.
  • Performance & Quality - The panels' dense packaging reduces the cost of transportation, power, and storage per installed watt. Our silicon wafers for HIT solar panels are manufactured in Oregon, and the panels are assembled in a factory that is ISO 9001 (quality), 14001 (environment), and 18001 (safety) certified. At the work site, unique eco-packing eliminates cardboard waste. A Restricted 20-Year Power Output Warranty and a 10-Year Product Workmanship Warranty are included with the panels.

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