Panasonic EverVolt BJ-DCB105ZKT 2.85kWh Lithium-Ion Battery

SKU: 480-0021

Panasonic EverVolt, Lithium Ion Battery 2.85 kWh, BJ-DCB105ZKT

Advantages of DCB-105 when used with BMS

  • Optimized Control: BMS specifically designed for DCB-105
  • Scalability: Connects up to 6 DCB-105 in series

Features overview

  • The total voltage, current, and temperature of the battery are all monitored.
  • Overcharge/discharge, overcurrent, and irregular temperature detection are all examples of abnormal state detection.
  • Charge authorization, maximum charge, and recharge conditions are all detected by this feature.
  • State of Charge (SOC) – LED indicators
  • Communication function – RS-485 – Communication with BMS

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