OutBack Power Rapid Shutdown Initiator (RSI)

SKU: 580-0124


Outback, ICS Plus Rapid Shutdown Intiator (RSI), AFCI, Rapid Shutdown Initiator (RSI)

The Outback Control RSI remote shutdown initiator comes with a key disconnect switch and three warning lights. When the switch knob is turned to the "Solar Off" position, the machine disconnects the relay-trip circuit breakers. The three status lights mean "Solar On," "Solar Off," and "AFCI." The AFCI light illuminates when the RSI receives an arc fault signal from the FWPV6-FH600-SDA combiner box.

Rapid Shutdown Initiator Specifications:

  • Up to six FWPV6-FH600-SDA combiner boxes can be operated.
  • Up to two relay-trip breakers can be regulated.
  • LED indications: solar on, solar off, and AFCI
  • Dimensions: 14.1"H x 7.3"W x 3.75"D
  • Weight: 4 pounds