OutBack Power Radian GS8048A-AC-KIT 8.0kW AC Coupling Bundle

SKU: 348-0140


Outback, AC-Coupled Frequency Shifting GS8048A-01 Radian Kit, 1 GS8048,8.0kW, 120/240Vac, with GSLC175-120/240 Load Center, RTS, Mate3-S, Mate Mount, 30A 2 Pole breaker for GT inverter connection, Generator Relay Kit, UL1741-SA, GS8048A-AC-KIT

Give yourself the assurance of having backup power in the event of a power failure. OutBack's Radian Series AC Coupling packages enable existing grid-tied systems to tap into the flexibility and independence of battery backup in the face of changing energy landscapes.

Each bundle comes with:

  • Radian Series for Inverter/Charger
  • GSLC175-120/240 Load Center
  • 30A Dual Pole Breaker (*for connecting the grid-tied inverter to the GS load center) Generator Safety Kit
  • MATE3s (and mounting bracket)