OutBack Power RTS Remote Temperature Sensor

SKU: 570-0116


Outback, Battery Remote Temperature Sensor with Inverter/Charger or Charge Controller, Includes 20' Cable, RTS

A 20' (6m) cable is included for use with an inverter/charger or charge controller.

The OutBack Remote Temperature Sensor (RTS) is needed for proper battery charging. All OutBack products with integrated battery charging have a temperature compensation feature, which benefits from the installation of the RTS (included with inverter/chargers). The RTS ensures that your OutBack system is aware of the exact battery temperature, allowing it to recharge your batteries safely and efficiently. For systems with multiple OutBack products connected to a single HUB4 or HUB10, a single RTS is needed.


  • Highlights - The setup is straightforward, and the compatibility is outstanding.