OutBack Power SE-530BLU-SBX 5.0kW SystemEdge (28.8kWh Capacity)

SKU: 349-0068

Outback, SystemEdge, Bundled SkyBox, 5.0kW SkyBox Inverter, 1, IBR-3-48-175 Battery Rack, 12, Northstar NSB-190 Batteries, 28.8kWh of nameplate Energy Storage, 1 Pair 200A External CT’s, 16 Fire Raptor Module Level RSD Devices, 1 Fire Raptor Shutdown Switch and 24V Shutdown Relay, SE-530BLU-SBX

Experience Single-Brand Simplicity with a Suburban SystemEdge package from OutBack Power.

This package includes a factory pre-wired and tested SkyBox True Hybrid Energy System, NorthStar batteries, battery rack or bank, NEC 2017 FireRaptor Rapid Shutdown Kit, OPTICS RE web enabled monitoring and control and all necessary connection hardware.

SkyBox SystemEdge-530BLU Applications:

Featuring the 5kW SkyBox True Hybrid Energy System and twelve (12) NorthStar NSB BLUE+ batteries.

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