OutBack Power FLEXpower ONE FP1 VFXR3524A-01 3.5kW Power Center

SKU: 348-0100

Outback, FLEXpowerONE, VFXR3524A-01, Inverter/Charger 3.5kW FLEXpower One, prewired AC and DC boxes with 120Vac Bypass, NEMA 5-15R Outlet, 250A DC breaker, GFDI, 80Amp charge controller breaker, Mate3-S, HUB 10.3, RTS, 1 FLEXmax 80, FLEXnet DC and surge protector, UL1741-SA, FP1 VFXR3524A-01

OutBack's pre-assembled and pre-wired FLEXpower systems now include the revamped FXR Series Grid/Hybrid inverter/chargers. The most advanced Grid/Hybrid inverter features are now available on the industry's most trusted and tested systems platform for unrivaled versatility and value.

The FLEXpower ONE FX-R Series is ideal for residential and commercial applications such as cabins, vacation homes, farm buildings, remote communications sites, and backup power systems because it includes all necessary components in a compact hang-on-the-wall system with a small footprint.

Additional Features

  • Off-grid and grid-tied functions are combined in a single modular design.
  • A versatile device in a space-saving, lightweight kit
  • In-field technology that can be upgraded
  • Ample AC and DC breaker provisions
  • GridZero technology effectively allows consumers to “zero out” the power grid if enough renewables are available, reducing or even eliminating grid dependence.
  • A broad range of battery technologies, including lithium-ion, are enabled by Advanced Battery Charging (ABC).
  • All components carry necessary ETL certifications

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