OutBack Power FLEXpower FPR-4048A-01 4.0kW Battery-Based Pre-Wired Inverter System, 48VDC w 1 FM80

SKU: 348-0098

Outback, FLEXpower Radian, GS4048A-01, 4.0kW, 120/240Vac, all prewired AC & DC, GSLC175-PV1-120/240, with AC bypass, 1, 175A DC breaker, GFDI-80, 1, 80 Amp charge controller breaker, HUB 10.3, RTS, FLEXnet DC, surge protectors, 1 FLEXmax 80 MPPT controller, MATE3-S and mounting back plate, UL1741-SA, FPR-4048A-01

NOTE: The GS4048A has been replaced in this unit by the GS4048A-01 inverter model. It's the same inverter, but it's also consistent with the new UL 1741 SA from California's Rule 21. All 50 states, including California and Hawaii, have certified this inverter for installation. The OutBack Power Product Change Notice contains more details.

This model is acceptable for both grid-connected and off-grid solar power systems (stand-alone). The Outback FLEXpower unit is fully assembled and tested when it leaves the factory. The units are easy to install and are designed to meet National Electric Code specifications. Grid-tie and off-grid configurations are available for Flexpower systems. The systems have all of the required wiring, circuit breakers, communications, battery monitoring, and PV ground fault protection installed. An ETL certification is required for all of the equipment.

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