OutBack Power FLEXpower FP1 VFXR3648A-01 3.6kW Battery-Based Pre-Wired Inverter System

SKU: 348-0099


Outback, FLEXpowerONE, VFXR3648A-01, Inverter/Charger 3.6kW FLEXpower One, prewired AC and DC boxes with 120Vac Bypass, NEMA 5-15R Outlet, 175A DC breaker, GFDI, 80Amp charge controller breaker, Mate3-S, HUB 10.3, RTS, 1 FLEXmax 80, FLEXnet DC and surge protector, UL1741-SA, FP1 VFXR3648A-01

The FLEXpower ONE systems from OutBack are pre-assembled, pre-wired, and pre-tested, elevating the concept of fast, simple installation to new heights of performance, value, and flexibility.

All required is pre-assembled on a single factory-tested pre-wired panel, with the exception of power sources and battery backup. You're ready to go once you've installed the mounting bracket, hung the system on the wall, and added the required components.

The FLEXpower ONE System is ideal for smaller power applications including cabins, chalets, homes, remote communication sites, and backup power systems because it fits all of the required safety equipment into the smallest system footprint and at the lowest cost.

The FLEXpower ONE comes with a single inverter/charger, AC and DC wiring boxes, a single FLEXmax Charge Controller, MATE3, HUB, FLEXnet DC, and Surge Protector. The FLEXpower ONE System includes battery and PV array breakers, PV GFDI and Input-Output-Bypass Assembly, mounting positions for both AC GFCI Type B and EU Type F style outlets, and additional AC breakers.