OutBack Power GS-AC-GEN-KIT Back-Up Protection Relay Kit

SKU: 580-0145


Outback, AC-Coupled Generator Back-Up Protection Relay Kit, Protects connected generators from incidental current back-feed, GS-AC-GEN-KIT

The OutBack GS-AC-GEN-KIT should be used in AC coupled systems with a generator for backup power. This kit locks out the grid-tie inverter while a generator is running so that it does not back feed the generator and potentially damages it.

The live AC voltage at the GSLC load center Gen AC Inputs would activate the relay coils, pushing the normally closed (NC) contacts to the normally open (NO) position, allowing the generator to be fed from the GTI if the generator ever started, either automatically or manually.

This kit includes the relay, relay cover, and terminals.