OutBack Power FLEXware FW1000-DC 1,000A DC Disconnect Box

SKU: 500-0017


Outback, FlexWare 1000 DC Disconnect Box with Ground Bar & DC Shunt, 1 to 4 Inverters, FW1000-DC

The FLEXware 1000 is designed for high-power systems such as large residential, commercial, or village power systems. The FLEXware 1000 system architecture can support up to four OutBack FX Series inverter/chargers, four OutBack charge controllers, and all necessary AC and DC components and wiring. The FLEXware 1000 AC and DC enclosures have a lightweight design that can be installed vertically or horizontally and can accommodate all of the necessary protective equipment, as well as external breakers and wide cable connections.