OutBack Power FW-BBUS 500A Breaker Bus

SKU: 500-0021


Outback, Busbar, Breaker Bus, 500A for DC Breakers, FW-BBUS

This system can handle even the most difficult code-compliant DC cable connections. Two 175-250A, three 100-125A, four 1-80A DC breakers, or three 500 Amp DC current shunts - plated copper rated for 500 Amp - will fit on the Breaker Bus.


  • Safety - Copper plated with a 500 amp rating.
  • Efficiency - Allows for the connection of three 500A DC current shunts or two 175-250A, three 100-125A, and four 1-80A DC breakers.
  • User Friendly - It's simple to set up and can be used in a variety of ways.