OutBack Power FN-DC System Monitor

SKU: 570-0103


Outback, FlexNet DC System Monitor, FN-DC

OutBack Power's FLEXnet DC is the ultimate DC system control unit. OutBack's automated networked communications make useful, open data from your system available and viewable on an OutBack MATE communications device, providing you with crucial information about your system's health, performance, and productivity.

Battery Status Screen: This at-a-glance display shows you the current state of your battery. This screen shows a "power gauge"-style status bar, the current charge state, and whether you're charging or discharging your batteries. This is useful for system owners who need to quickly determine the state of their battery bank.

Keep track of how much power your device is producing and using, as well as how much power is going IN and OUT of your battery bank, on the Overview Screen. This screen also displays the voltage and current state of charge of your battery bank, as well as load consumption and real-time performance monitoring of DC sources such as a solar array or small wind turbine.

Today Summary Screen: This screen displays the total amount of energy produced and used by your computer today, as well as the total amount of energy used to charge your batteries. This screen also displays your current lowest state of charge as well as a comparison of your total device performance to device usage.

Examine historical energy production/consumption data for the previous 128 days, and the lowest battery state-of-charge for each day. This screen can be used to track the power system's performance and consumption patterns.


  • Highlights - It's simple to keep an eye on a DC unit. Increases the device's battery life. Reduces the time the engine is on and the amount of fuel it consumes. The computer has a data logging ability of 128 days.